It is so important to continue to stretch your abilities and your goals.  We are so proud to have been invited to participate in the ITT Cisco User Group meetings to help advance the growth of these talented individuals as they stretch to meet their goals.   Our team is looking for mentors for this young group of IT students.  They need support as they  build on their certifications and determine there career objectives.  Dr. Massey at ITT here in Indianapolis inspires these students through a program that encourages involvement in the business community.  He builds collaboration strategies amongst his graduates and students with the hope to advance his students exposure and support his graduates as they move forward in their career.  The team at Freedom Staffing is working to find mentors for this group amongst the CCIE and CISSP community here in Indianapolis and help build upon these collaboration efforts.  Many of these students have remarked that ITT programs are excellent in their ability to prepare students for the real world.  If anyone is interested in giving just a small bit of time to support the efforts of these students please contact us here at Freedom Staffing  We will help get you involved in the round table activities and you will be the one to gain from this activity we guarantee it!