We have a date and a location now it is time to work through logistics.  The date will be the Monday before the Super Bowl and the location will be Conseco Fieldhouse.  We are excited that Conseco will be showcased this way during the Super Bowl week and thank the Pacer’s organization for offering the location for this momentus occasion.  For those of you who do not know Freedom Staffing has been asked by Riley Children’s Hospital Foundation to help champion the Baskets of Hope Super Bowl initiative.  We have also asked Chris Mickens the CIO of the Department of Health to help us with our efforts to make the Basket something special that speaks to the children and their interest in Technology.  We are hoping to work with the IT community in Indianapolis to make this basket something special.   The Baskets of Hope is something that says to America, we in Indianapolis believe in the Health and Education of our children and the children across the nation.  The Super Bowl to us is about making a difference in our community and celebrate all that is great about Health and Education in Indiana.


Indiana volunteers will help create 7,000 Baskets of Hope the Monday before the Superbowl this year.  These baskets will be flown to each NFL city across the nation and delivered to that cities Children’s Hospital.